Hawaiian Mist <br>1 Quart

Hawaiian Mist
1 Quart


Product Description

The first and only bio-reactive floral spray. Its exclusive formula penetrates and rehydrates cut flowers, greens and even house plants! When Hawaiian Floral Mist mixes with the biology of the plant, it sustains life from the inside!

1 Quart Size Bottle

It is not a sealant --- it does not coat the flowers or greens with any wax or oil residue. It is a revolutionary product that penetrates the plant, nourishing and rejuvenating the inside while leaving the outside of the flower fresh, vibrant and fragrant. If you&#39;re tired of spots, fumes or residue on your flowers, greens and house plants, you need to try Hawaiian Floral Mist today!

Hawaiian Floral Mist is not a vase water additive. It rehydrates your flowers, greens and house plant in or out of the vase. Corsages and displays that don&#39;t have a direct water source benefit extremely well with Hawaiian Floral Mist .

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